EnergyGoldRush Setup

Step 1: Confirm EGR Referral

Because of our "Refer 3 Get Your EGR Free" program, it is important for the right person to get credit for your signup.

Our records indicate that you were NOT referred to EGR by an existing user.

If this is incorrect, please contact the person who referred you to EGR and enroll through their link so they may get proper credit.

Step 2: Create Account

Important instructions: Please pay attention to the instructions in parenthesis. A random password and complete setup details will be sent via email immediately upon payment. If the user name and/or subdomain you want is not available, it is likely because you have previously completed this form but did not complete payment in which case simply email and we can fix the issue by clearing out your old record.

If your website is, your web handle would be johndoe
We suggest making this the same as your Ambit web handle.

Step 3: Enter Payment Information

Your credit card will be charged $10 immediately and renew on the same day every month there after. You may cancel at anytime.