EnergyGoldRush Setup

Step 1: Confirm Referral Status

Did you know we have an awesome "Refer 3 Get Yours Free" referral program? Because of this, we like to give credit where credit is due!

Our records indicate you were NOT referred by an existing user.

If this is incorrect, please contact the person who referred you to get their signup link. Do you already know their EGR website address? Go through it to the testimonial page and follow instructions to unlock the training page, here you will find their signup link. Alternatively, you can get there directly by adding "/training" to the end of their website address (e.g.,

Step 2: Account Information

Please pay attention to the instructions in small print!

If your website is, your web handle would be johndoe
We suggest making this the same as your Ambit web handle.

Step 3: Payment Information

Your credit card will be charged $10 immediately and renew on the same day every month there after. You may cancel at anytime.